A little bit about us. 

Hello, we are Sarah and Adam! We met, fell in love, got married, and are taking the adventures as they come. Once we started shooting weddings together, we realized that our creative backgrounds, as different as they are, have made us the ultimate dream team.

We love what we do, whether it be a crazy wedding day with hundreds of people, or a quiet elopement in the woods. The creative process, and the inevitable need for problem solving, is a whole lot more fun with your best friend by your side. We work together with ease, fostering genuine moments when necessary, all the while being as non-intrusive as possible. Have a list full of outlandish ideas for your wedding day? We can make it happen. Want to light 300 candles for one photo? We've done that. Let's see what we can dream up together. 

It's the moments between the poses that capture who you are– and that's where we want to be.


Meet Adam.

Adam is more than my husband / second shooter dream team combo, he also brings years of experience –and one hundred percent of the charm. With a background in the film industry, Adam has had a camera attached to his hand for almost 15 years. Transitioning into weddings was an easy switch, Adam knows where to be and when to capture both the major action and subtle details of the day.

Facts: Adam is a musician and vocalist, half of an English Major (aka full-time student), and a dang good cook. 

Meet Sarah.

I've been a photographer for almost ten years, with my passion for people's stories taking me around the world. With a background in both written and visual storytelling, my experiences in journalism have given me a unique perspective. My goal is simple: I want my photos to tell your story in a genuine way. I want to capture you being you with those you love most, in the places you love most. 

Facts: I am happiest outside, preferably running around in the mountains, I write about bikes (and ride them too), love sunrises, and am always up for an adventure.